IT’S JUST NOT THE SAME There has been a few times this week that certainly have had its moments here on Ward 102 at the Royal Infirmary Edinburgh (RIE). It really has been a hard week, especially as I thought that I would have been back home with Kirsty and Nathan. Every time that IContinue reading “THE NEW REGIME”



BOTOX On Monday 13th August 2018 I got the 09:50 X58 service bus from Inverkeithing to Kirkcaldy. This bus arrived at the Kirkcaldy bus station for around 10:30(ish). My appointment at The Victoria Hospital Kirkcaldy was scheduled for 11:30. The buses from the bus station to the Victoria Hospital are quite frequent so I hadContinue reading “BOTOX AND A BRAND NEW LOOK”

Thank You

When my oncologist was doing her ward rounds on Monday 11th September 2017, I was told that I would be able to go home. The discharge would be the following day Tuesday 12th September 2017. After hearing this news, I called Kirsty to let her know. I also made arrangements with Stuart to come andContinue reading “Thank You”

Today’s visitors in Ward 4 at the Western General Hospital Edinburgh 

My oldest son @JackONeil90 & his girlfriend Heather came to see me in the Ward. It was really great to see the both of them. Jack stayed a few days with me, Kirsty and wee Nathan before I was admitted in here, again.I didn’t really get the chance to say cheerio on Sunday to himContinue reading “Today’s visitors in Ward 4 at the Western General Hospital Edinburgh “

Yesterday was a great day with visitors

The post below was posted on my One of Fifteen Facebook page yesterday. I hope that you enjoy reading this. Visitors, coffee, coffee and coffee It was great to see my big sister Theresa and my niece Anne Marie last night. We had a right good catch up and blether. When they left I endedContinue reading “Yesterday was a great day with visitors”